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  • Qad

qad – first 1.0 (JR00): link will open in LastFM
– 9 trax
– 33’59”

The first EP of QAD on Jenseits Recordings.
Those trax are qualified by a certain hermetic aesthetic. An acoustic travel in the universe of QAD’s mind. Sounds are reduced to their strict necessary.
Working on the fragile sources of our emotions QAD explores the limits of repetitions and hypnotic loops.
Inspired by the simplicity of the sound of nature, rhythms and sounds are plugged into 220 V and transformed. Pure electricity shocks come closing the receipt.

  1. sunshine on e – 6’42”
  2. counting rice grains – 3’28”
  3. fairy wheel – 2’12”
  4. m.r.i. – 3’33”
  5. ball python – 2’10”
  6. bouncing tear drops – 6’34”
  7. sad eye gf – 3’38”
  8. 220 – 2’24”
  9. angels – 3’14”


  • Raja Roth

Raja Roth – When she comes (JR005): link will open in LastFM

– 3 trax
– 15’22”

SINGLE. Raja’s music represents perfectly the artistic line of Jenseits Recordings. On the border of dark rock and electro, it’s a powerful fusion of different styles, with a subtle touch of nostalgia. For his first single Raja develops a very special drum sound, founding his inspiration into old school rock drummers. The fourthcoming EP “Politic of Controversy” (JR003) is a real introspection into Raja’s word. It comes out a tensed and kaleidoscopic sound. Tracks vary from the very sensual and hypnotic “Sha” to the rocking blast of “When she comes”. After a remix for Mercury Universal, Raja spent several months in studio and this is the result.

  1. when she comes (original edit)
  2. when she comes (club edit)
  3. when she comes (da dark club)

Raja Roth – Unfailing Soundtrack (JR008): link will open in LastFM

  1. Raising Stars
  2. Unfailing Disco Wave
  3. Unfailing Theme

Raja Roth – Apparently Loud (JR002): link will open in LastFM

Raja Roth – No Intentions (JR001): link will open in LastFM

  • Winter 87

In the spirit of the first acid house tracks, invading Europe in 1983, WINTER 87 traces a deep techno sound, combining old school sound and modern beat. At the edge of modernity, even if inspired by the past, WINTER 87’s style is as eclectic than creative. After a remix for Mercury Universal in 2003, WINTER 87 releases on Jenseits Recordings his first albums.

Winter87 – May Again // Happen again (JR009):  link will open in LastFM

Winter87 – I don’t care (JR004): link will open in LastFM

Winter87 – Follow (JR003): link will open in LastFM

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