• Video Speech (2007-2006)
    SD – JCV camera- Sony Vegas Editing Software

A short reflection on Time in three paragraphs

Time is on the focus of the worries of the modern society: every object is studied and manufactured according to the impact that its same existence will have on its future use. From the washing powder to the remote control, from the car to the computer’s keyboards, from the milk bottle to the cheese box, everything that surrounds us must become a part of this contemporary logic of temporal saving and performance. Nothing is left to fate: control, predict, manipulate, and destroy.

But time remains a phenomenon to himself, indivisible from the personal perception and the own personality of the single human being. The modern technologies succeed in manipulating Time, but only in surface, at the level of the subjective or collective perception. The Time on its own isn’t touched by this superficial and useless human action. Time is unstoppable. Time is not understandable as a global vision. Time doesn’t care about all the efforts of the modern society of modifying his cycle.

The video speech triptych plays with the subjective perception of Time, emphasizing, at a visual and musical level, how the temporal acceleration and deceleration, passing through the repetition, can influence our idea of the time, modifying our point of view, but without interfere with the global development of Time itself.

Video speech has been thought as a full performance.Three projectors in three different rooms, the videos are repeated in a continuous loop. The audience is completely submerged into this different vision.

video speech 01.01:

a fixed image that multiplies to the infinite. A lone sound sends us back the introspective dimension of the visual sphere. The nietzchean “return of the same”, the game of the repetition. A taste of death. Nothing can distract the audience’s attention from the magnetic attraction of this unusual mix of image and sound.

video speech 01.02:

the panoramic wheel has always been the symbol of games. This paragraph illustrates the temporal acceleration and deceleration as a game of Time himself. TIME PLAYS GAMES. Another way to see. A “Fellini like”, ironic and deep atmosphere.

video speech 01.03:

a fixed image, that seems not to move and then the madness. A modern, and at the same time timeless, image. In the absurd game of the humanity with Time, the background plays a fundamental role. Lack of movement against hysteria, static against moving, control against out of control. Emphasizing the monotone aspect of the image, music underlines the tension.

part 1
part 2
part 3

Video will open on Vimeo. Register, it’s free.

  • Liquid Gold (2008)
    SD – JCV camera- Sony Vegas Editing Software

Public reflection on America’s August 2007 crisis

part 1

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  • May Again // Happen again (2008-2007)
    35mm Digitalized- Sony Vegas Editing Software

May 1968 / May 2008: 40 years of history of France, of the all World. 40 years have passed from one of those major events that is getting his own sense year after year. 40 years of waiting, disillusion and remorse; and memories, and balance and thoughts as well as victories

The object of this live show: analyse the events that happened in France in May 1968 and demonstrate, thanks to the demonstrative and demagogic action of sound and video, what really happened in Paris. Work on the memories, often forgotten, and bring the public to a different though, a thought that should be an analysis of the central role of France inside the international community in the field of power of the masses.

Throu this conceptual installation, which is going to be developed thanks to the most modern digital technologies, for sound and video manipulation, with a touch of interactivity, and then n under scaled version to be declined for several media, the goal will be to show and educate the public to this cultural experience which is May 68.

MAY AGAIN // happen again doesn’t want to be educational.

a) I want to show the ability of the French nation to impose itself to the political authorities, and government and to modify his destiny. This comes from a very important cultural background.

b) Using strong images of the students’ accidents in 68 I would like to bring ion focus the role of the mass against the use and abuse of aggressive ways of power from the government.

Thanks to the re edit of archive images, layered on several level of comprehension, I want to show and live this emotions that those revolts of the students have cause at that time.

A hopeful metaphysic could be the subtitle of the show. How many countries are living under an authoritarian dictator? How many countries, nations, and people don’t have the right and the power to affirm their ideas?

Heritage of the French revolution, France has this power and proves to the word to be able to use it.

Music and Video will grow in synchrony on a semi circular screen, with two projectors screening the same and different images.

Here some images of the structure:

May again // happen again
May again // happen again
May again // happen again
May again // happen again

The public, surrounded by the scene, will be the principal actor of the show.

There will be an installation as well, as part of the show and the performance.  A sketched “guilloutine” in transparent Plexiglas, on the right of the screen with a spotlight system that will bring her to attention at the end of the show: the symbol of the final repression or the accident that may happen if violence is used.

Three extra screens, smaller and 16/9 will me mounted at the right, the center and the left of the semicircular screen. Those TV will show a stroboscopic editing of famous politician portraits and famous phrases. The public will be bombed; in this way, with images and the impact of the show will be more realistic.

A sound engineer and a video engineer will manipulate the music and the images.

Finally, 1968 street bricks broken into pieces, and 40 intact, will be positioned in the middle of the room. The same bricks that are used for building the streets in Paris and that are such a symbol of the May 868 revolts. They will be placed in a very ordered way, in a pyramid shape.  On those brick a small projector will project a capture of the room. The brick, rich in symbol, will open to another level of signification; will unveil the face, the public, the mass.

In this way the installation MAY AGAIN // happen again can auto manage itself
– the performance can be programmes several time a day
– the installation can broadcast a recorded event in a loop

The structure of the show:

1) First Part: day. The video will be very objective. We will follow the students during the day where the students are asking very calmly their demands. The tension is underneath. And can be seen in a continuous crescendo. We are using the easier images of the archives. The ones with the less emotional impact. The music will be quite uprising but calm, almost dreamy.

2) Second Part: night. The video will center on the barricades construction and on the blossoming of the revolt il the Quartier Latin area. We are going to use some never seen before images. Trees are falling and cars returned. Human chain are starting to grow. This part gives the structure of the show. Dark and steady. None of the other screen will show pictures. The music, minimal and dark will underline this tension that will end up in a fight. The arrival of the police cars will show the arrival of the fights.

3) Third Part: Night. The video is going to focus on the accidents between the police and the students. The TV screens will broadcast the random collage of pictures in a very repetitive way. The images are very violent with a very up tempo that needs to choc and get emotional, in a quite hardcore style. The end of the show that will develop in a crescendo of emotions needs to bring the public to a deep reflection. The stroboscopic lights will start in this final phase of the show. The idea is to underline the tension. Once the video finished, only the faces of the public will be shown on the bricks.

Software: Ableton Live and Resolume. Sony Vegas for the final edit of the show.

Personal note: May 1968 represent a very important period for those like me that are in their 30s today and have parents that lived the event. Examples and stories where part of the family discussions. The key role of the French student’s revolt.
May 1968 represents for me the first time where young people had the right to express and have their voice listened by others. The end of the family supremacy, of the monarchy power of the institutions, and, last but not least, the coming of age of the woman power a real identity discovery.

It is true that the real 68 generation is now full of contradictions. We are the children of May 68 and we have grown up with less barricades, boundaries and stereotypes. Less fixed ideas, less values, but more products and fewer ideas. We have built a society more open which is continuously breaking the forbidden.

Kids, nowadays, are 1000 time more free than in the early 70s. That’s why MAY AGAIN // happen again steal the young’s language and tries to regenerate the memory of those events which have been so important in the history of the modern world. I hope that I will be able to reach a sensitive and reactive public. And I would love to be able to explain with images and music the roles that those events have on the modern world.

MAY AGAIN // happen again wants to underline the fact that we are meant not to forget the past, and for this the collective memory needs to be shown and to avoid the same mistakes than the past.

Video will open on Vimeo. Register, it’s free.

  • Shitty day (2009-2004)
    SD – JVC camera –  Sony Vegas Editing Software – Silent Short

work in progress

  • Burning Love // Leftovers (2009)
    HD – SONY camera – Sony Vegas Editing Software

work in progress // COMING SOON

Burning Love // Loftovers
Burning Love // Loftovers