Maybe my studies in psychoanalysis or maybe my passion for Lego™. Or maybe my fear of spiders and my love for snakes. Maybe a mixture of all of this, boiling and working in my head.

The result is that I always look forward for crazy discoveries in the field of human feelings and relations. Sometimes happy and fascinated, sometimes disappointed and wrecked by what I find, I deeply believe that human being are all a unique master piece by themselves. Unfortunately pain and melancholy are never a surprise in this kind of search, it’s probably this about being romantic and sensitive.

I left the Milan university with a diploma on Psychology. I have mastered at the Sorbonne with a work on the moral problem in Nietzsche and Freud and got rid of it in less than 1 year. Always in Milan, my native city, I have started my passion and love for music, being spinning since the age of 15. I always loved electronic music and followed the born and raise of what’s called house, in all it‘s different forms.

Arrived in Paris in 1993, spinned a lot of D&B mixed up with classic at the Alcazar in 1999, and started some collaboration with The Julia set, Zol and Faudel (yep…). Finished my studies in 1995 with a work very inspired by art and creation. One step after the other I have worked in bars, as a driver, as a moving person, as a sandwich maker as a photographer assistant, as a dj, as a painter, as a fashion producer, as an model agent, as a film seller and I probably forget some. In cinema I succeeded in making the soundtrack for two feature films and signed 4 remixes on Mercury Universal. I worked as well with several designers on their shooting and shows, like Swarovski, Gregor Pirouzi and Rad Hourani.

I started video and photography very late in my life, as an autodidact with no background and no studies; this allows me to bring more of my personal experience and emotions into my videos & pictures and to go over the technical aspects of act. I have worked in so many positions that I have now learned how to focus on the result better than the “way to get it”.

“Jenseits”, the German word for “beyond” has always attracted me a lot. What matters for my pictures and viodeo is not the technical aspect of the image, the focal depth or the color balance, what really matters for me is the act of stealing moments to eternity, and that those moments can talk to the most and not only to me. Photography as a silent music, I think it says it well.

In 2007 I produced my first video trilogy : video speech. The film has been shown over the web and encountered a good success. I have recently started several collaboration with different artists and this allows me to perfect my skills on the new technologies.

In 2011 I am working on 2 new video projects, 1 album and probably a photo show in the middle of the year. And opened my new company… As well as some advertising for some luxury brands.

Matteo Lovadina
Matteo Lovadina