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Tag: poetry

March 20, 2009

Pain, ugly pain, pain with no rest. Unconditional pain. What doesn't kill you make us stronger ? Probably but pain is such a torture when you don't know where it comes from and why you suffer. Outside is sunny but cold, and it's getting worst : exactly as I feel right...

Love #2
March 19, 2009

Can love make us blind ? Can love go behind the mirror ? Can love brake the mask ? Can love rise upon all other feelings and matters ? Can love be destroyed ? Can love be forgiven ? Can love be forgotten ? Can love be killed ? Can we love ? Can you love...

Love #1
March 18, 2009

What is love ? Is it primary love of ourselves or is it only one way to the others ? Guess it's a mix of both. And one can't exist without the other one. Our instinct of protection makes us love first. But living in an open society and connecting to others amplifies our wish of changing the object of our feelings. Awake too early, coffee makes me say strange...


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